Incredibly Durable Corian Worktop Surfaces, Perfect For Kitchens And Bathrooms

Our Corian worktops come in various styles and colours, allowing you to create the perfect look for any space. With unbeatable durability and easy maintenance, Corian is a stylish and versatile choice for any workspace or living area.







Get Professional Guidance and Assurance for Your Perfect Corian Worktop

Don't get overwhelmed and confused when looking for the perfect worktop for your home. Our Corian Worktops specialists have years of experience dealing with complex projects - from choosing the right colour to creating a perfect fit through precise measurements and professional installation. We ensure our customers enjoy long-lasting satisfaction with a worry-free process.

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Explore Our Wide Selection of Corian Worktops to Upgrade Your Home

Sheffield Solid Surfaces provides a wide variety of colours and grain styles, so no matter what look you're going for, you can be sure you'll find the perfect surface. With classic options and modern trends alike, our selection of Corian worktops allows for total freedom in your design possibilities. We also offer a range of finishes for your taste enabling you to express yourself no matter the style.

We're Committed To Providing Reliable, Quality Worktops That Will Last You A Lifetime.

When it comes to finding the right provider for your Corian worktop needs, you can rely on Sheffield Solid Surfaces to provide you with the highest quality and best customer care. Enjoy a stress-free experience knowing that you are in our hands when entrusting us with your project, helping you make your home as unique as you'd like without worry or hassle.

Our experts are here to help! From selecting the most suitable styles and colours to professional installation, we've got you covered.
Total transparency: We fully disclose all our services and pricing so you know what to expect from the beginning.
Flexible payment plans offering Convenient financing options as well as reasonable payment terms for larger projects.
Unbeatable quality: We only use the highest quality materials and craftsmanship for your project.
On-time delivery: 7 - 10 day turnaround times without compromising quality.
Superior Customer Service: Our staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive to your needs throughout selecting the right product and installing it properly.

Achieve Your Home Upgrade Goals in 3 Simple Steps!

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Speak To A Specialist

Speak to our Corian worktop specialists for expert advice and guidance. With various styles and finishes to choose from, we'll help you find a worktop that matches your taste.

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Visit our showroom or request a home visit to take all the necessary measurements; this will ensure you get the correct quotation.

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Our experienced team will handle the installation process, so everything is done safely and to the highest standard.

Our Promise to You!

We strive for beautiful and lasting results. Including...


Quality products designed to last

Sheffield Solid Surfaces offer superior craftsmanship and a wide variety of Corian Worktop in many surface styles and colours.


Experienced team members offering superior service

Our professional team members can help you create the perfect worktop solution personalised for your needs.


Peace of mind knowing you're making the right choice

We provide peace of mind knowing that with every purchase, our customers will receive superior quality and lasting results.


Enjoy the beauty of Corian

We take great pride in creating beautiful and lasting results that make our customers happy.

7 reasons to choose corian


7 Reasons To Choose Corian

Download your free copy of our guide, 7 Reasons To Choose Corian, and what to avoid when choosing a worktop installation company.

It contains vital information to help you understand why Corian is so special and how it can enhance your home or business space!
Also, in our guide, you will get valuable insight into finding the right installation company.

Download your free copy today and discover how Corian can help you create a unique, stylish, and timeless worktop for your space.

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Ready to experience the beauty and lasting results of a Corian worktop? Request your free estimate to get started!

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We want you to enjoy your new worktop as quickly as possible. We aim to install your Corian worktop within 7-10 days.

Yes, we are happy to provide a rough estimate for your Corian worktop over the phone. However, we strongly recommend that you have our specialist carry out a full measure-up of the space to get a more accurate quotation and ensure that your worktop fits perfectly.

Our process for standard installations takes 7-10 days from template to installation. This includes:

  1. Removing existing countertops.
  2. Preparing the space for new sinks, if applicable.
  3. Making final preparations and carrying out a quality check of the new worktops.
  4. Installing the new worktops.
  5. Sealing them in place.
  6. Cleaning up any residue left over from the installation process.
  7. If applicable, make final preparations for the worktops for the plumber or faucet installations.
  8. Carrying out a quality check of our work and ensuring you're satisfied with the results before leaving your premises!

Corian worktops are renowned for their solid and non-porous nature, making them incredibly easy to care for. Liquids won't be absorbed, and crevices, where dirt and old food can accumulate, are virtually eliminated due to the unique joining process. To clean it, you only need to wipe or clean it with a simple detergent. Its superior hygiene properties have earned Corian approval for use in hospitals, surgeries, and laboratories.

Corian is a registered brand of sophisticated solid surface worktop material developed by DuPont. It offers natural granite qualities and appearance but with the added benefit of being crafted and installed without seams. Its solid and non-porous surface presents all the advantages of natural, solid materials.

Corian worktops are made from a combination of Gibbsite, Bayerite, Doyleite and Nordstrandite - the highest quality natural minerals available - and acrylic polymer resin. This unique blend gives Corian resilience far surpassing that of natural marble or granite; Corian contains 66% of natural minerals and 34% acrylic polymer resin.

Corian is highly customisable and can be formed into various shapes and designs. It can be moulded, curved, and joined to create two and three-dimensional forms such as upstands, splashbacks, downturns, wall cladding, overhangs, edgings, and return ends with cutouts for integrated sinks, bowls and cooking tops - all in any colour from Corian's range. This allows for an ideal worktop tailored to each individual's needs.

Corian's durability and special acrylic polymer resin enable seamless repairs. Any damage to your worktops is easily restored to appear like nothing ever happened. If repairs are needed, call, and we'll arrange for one of our experts to come out and make the repair.

Corian worktops are remarkably durable and withstand everyday knocks, scratches, heat and stains. As with any worktop surface, proper care should still be taken to avoid overexposure to intense heat, hard impacts, and scrapes, so use a chopping block when necessary.

Corian worktops are incredibly robust and require no special care - just the ordinary type. Through regular maintenance, your Corian worktops will remain in perfect condition for years.

Corian worktops are joined through a unique heat process combined with colour-matched acrylic polymer resins and then machine polished for an invisible joint. Onsite joints are carefully blended and polished by hand to ensure no gaps or crevices appear, creating an incredibly smooth and seamless finish.

Over 100 different colours and patterns are available for Corian worktops, ranging from Arctic Ice to Black Nocturne. You can find hues, shades and patterns in granite, marble, clay, sand, pigmented, graduated, and even raffia. Textures and finishes are available to complement each colour option.

Corian Worktops are suited for more than just kitchen surfaces. They can be used wherever countertops, flooring or wall cladding is required. Its hygienic properties make it useful in various places, from hospitals to offices, sports stadiums, and bathrooms.

Corian is highly environmentally friendly, with stringent safety and production standards that limit energy usage and waste. All materials used for the manufacturing of Corian are non-toxic and recyclable - and even if Corian sustains burns, it does not release any toxic gasses into the atmosphere (though care should still be taken against carbon monoxide inhalation if a fire occurs).

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We offer free, no obligation advice. We are happy to come out and measure up, draw plans, and work out cost options for your new worktop, working within your budget.

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